Lighting Planning Software in Revit Developed in Switzerland Now Available in the USA

by | Jun 17, 2022 | News

Relux Informatik AG is happy to present its lighting planning software in Revit: with the add-on ReluxCAD for Revit, you can calculate lighting directly in Revit which is nationally compliant for the USA. Determine the required number of lights in a building simply and efficiently.

Swiss quality – the company RELUX Informatik AG based in Münchenstein, Switzerland, has over 20 years of experience in software development for lighting planning. Engineering offices all over Europe are working with its software.

The ReluxCAD for Revit add-on enables a standard-compliant quantity takeoff of the required number of luminaires in interior spaces. This provides electrical designers with an easy-to-use and understandable simulation tool in their familiar working environment. In ReluxCAD for Revit you have direct access to products with BIM capability from more than 100 manufacturers on ReluxNet®, the product platform for luminaires and sensors. Beside ReluxNet all other sources for luminaires could be used. Drag and drop any IES, Eulumdat or ROLF file in the ReluxCAD for Revit Luminaire Tab. Of cause all luminaire family files (RFA) from any origin works as well. A native interface to the desktop application ReluxDesktop also enables an efficient communication with lighting designers.

Furthermore, after its success in Europe, the lighting planning software is available as an add-on for Revit, now nationally compliant for the USA. The download of the USA edition ReluxCAD for Revit also contains the professional lighting planning software ReluxDesktop, which can keep pace with AGi32. ReluxCAD for Revit User may test it 30 days for free or enjoy a special US launch deal.

Thus, the software is available in 26 languages including English and Spanish, and other languages

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RELUX – simplifies lighting competence.

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