IESNYC Lumen Awards 2022 Fashion Report

by | Jun 19, 2022 | News

One of my favorite lighting events every year is the IESNYC Lumen Gala on Chelsea Piers in New York City.  This event is hosted by the IESNYC and it is always over the top and amazing.  New Yorkers normally like to wear black and gray.  When I show up in my Hot Pink Lilly Pulitzer, reeking of the South, I usually stick out like a sore thumb.

My husband, Randy Reid, publishes the EdisonReport and is the editor of designing lighting (dl) Magazine, so I thought I would “earn my keep” this year by writing a “Fashion Report” at the 2022 Lumen Awards.

The event started with welcome signs adorned with Palm trees and lights to set the tone for a tropical theme.  The signature drinks were coconut, pineapple, and some sort of blue concoction.  Instead of ninety degrees, sunny and scorching hot, this year it was cloudy, cool, and comfortable.  The multiple bars overlook the Hudson River for the view that is breathtaking. Every. Single. Year. (except when COVID cancelled it)

Nathaniel Bliss and Chris McQuillian

My first encounter with a stylish Lighting guy was Nathanial Bliss (SLS) (right) in his pink suit with white penny loafers.  As it turned out, Nathan was one of the MCs for the event, and he dressed for the occasion.  In his pink gingham shirt with blue floral tie, Chris McQuillan with I2 was looking great!


Asher Schoenberg (SDA) wore a Star Wars tie and Pirate socks.


IESNYC Vice President Shoshanna Segal (Luminous Flux) wore a lovely black lace tea length dress and Diana Mesh (Selux) is in a beautiful paisley print dress.


Three women in floral caught my eye—Christina Hope in pink, Katie Wakeman in green, and Alexandra Llerena in gold.  (Focus Lighting)


Joey Basile (Intra Lighting) gave a great pose in his stylish blue jacket with Hawaiian shirt.

Wearing his FRENCH BULLDOG shirt, Ryan Raica-Scallan (Luminii) would not allow me to describe it as a “puppy dog” shirt.  Bruce Taylor with (SBLD Studio) wore sharp looking blue/green pants and white tennis shoes.  Nick Gallatioto (SBLD Studio)  is dressed in a more conservative outfit of dark pants, blue button down, and khaki jacket.    


Two Scout Lighting men appeared for the event. Shakel Ahmad in a purple shirt and Alex Nicolaides in a blue shirt and great hair.


An adorable couple dressing for the theme was Elizabeth Seligman with a pineapple dress (drinking a pineapple drink) and her husband Stephen Seligman (Forum Lighting) in a festive tie.


Jean Jacques (SDA) (right) appeared to have walked out of GQ magazine in his Palm Tree shirt and great shoes.


Enrique Garcia Carrera (FMSP) in a stylish well-cut grey suit featuring a dark tie, is pictured with Kristina Jajalla, who is an Associate at FMSP and an award winning lighting designer in her own right.  Kristina is wearing a black dress with gold jewelry. Enrique took home an Award of Excellence for Little Island. The trend was clearly dark skinny suits for men with sharp white tennis shoes—comfort is key!


Rick and Ellie Shaver (Edison Price Lighting) were celebrating being married for SIX days at this event. Ellie looked stunning in her gold wrap dress and Rick looking very sharp in his dark suit and tie.


Friends at Amerlux are getting ready to dine. The table is almost as beautiful as the people.


One of our all-time favorite people, John Selander,(1956-2015), was looking down on the party from heaven.  He was so proud of his handsome and successful son, Charles, with Empire Lighting in a white sportscoat, black bow tie, and fabulous shoes. It is a great picture of Charles. Randy, not so much.


Phil Thomas, (SDA) wore a fabulous pink paisley tie and a great smile.


Jane Wechsler (FMSP) in her straw hat, colorful blazer, and scarf looked beautiful.  


Francesca Bettridge (CBBLD) who received an Award of Excellence for Stony Brook MART, wore a spectacular navy gown designed by Issey Miyake. 


Fresh off the runway, Laetitia Stephanos (FMSP) and Karmen Ho (Lam Partners) looked fantastic in their ivory outfits.


Gary Gordon (Gary Gordon Architectural Lighting) won the Best Shoes Award.  He designed his own Converse on


Another beauty in ivory was Ilva Dodaj (DGA) (left), pictured with Domingo Gonzales, in a stunning tailored suit with a black and white blouse and bow.


Alessa Aguayo, (Coronet) (right) in her black dress pictured with Jennifer Bogdan (Jennifer Bogdan Lighting Design) (middle) who is in a stunning white dress .  They are joined by Antonija Fonović (Filix Lighting) (left) who was spectacular in her Little Black Dress and flowers in her hair.  Antonija is the reason Randy and I fell in love with Croatia. We can’t wait to go back!


In her black full sequin knee-length dress, Kelly Roberts, (WALD Studio and the President of WILD (Women in Lighting + Design)), (left)  showed her strength and confidence.


Paula Martinez-Nobles (FMSP) who won an Award of Excellence for Confidential Aerospace Defense HQ, wore a lovely blue print dress and a sweet smile.


The shiniest dress award goes to Miyoung Song-Carroll (FMSP) for her form-fitting silver sequin dress that looked great with her blue hair.  She won an award of Excellence for Little Island.


The classiest and most fashionable awards go to IESNYC President Megan Carroll (Illuminations) (right) in her elegant black long dress with spectacular stone necklace
and sheer wrap and Lumen Committee Co-Chair Clara Powell (Cooledge Lighting) in black and white floral with pink flower and fabulous turquoise necklace.  Not only did they look beautiful, but they, with Lumen Committee Co-Chair Adrienne Shulman (and many others) pulled off one awesome lighting event at Chelsea Piers, the 2022 Lumen Awards!

Read the details of each award in the June Issue of designing lighting  (dl) magazine and watch interviews with each of the award-winning designers.