Versatile Team Players with a Minimalist Appeal: The New Quinta Recessed Spotlights from ERCO

by | Jul 25, 2023 | What's New

Quinta recessed spotlights from ERCO

Lüdenscheid – Recessed spotlights supplement ceiling-integrated general lighting with components such as accent lighting and wallwashing. The new Quinta family brings innovative low brightness lens technology from the Eclipse and Uniscan spotlight ranges “into the ceiling”. Thanks to identical installation details, Quinta luminaires fit into the proven system of ERCO downlight sizes such as Atrium and Quintessence. This creates quality of light and visual comfort in a uniform design, for example for a lobby or café in museums. 

Illuminate according to situation and perception: In museum exhibition areas for example, this can mean using flexible track systems with spotlights. For the rest of the architecture however, from the lobby to circulation areas and the museum café, ceiling-integrated lighting may be the more aesthetically pleasing solution. In such cases, the ERCO system structure ensures that both concepts can be harmoniously combined, both technically and in terms of lighting effect. This is an approach for which the new Quinta recessed spotlights are ideally suited – matching Quintessence and Atrium downlights just as well as Eclipse and Uniscan spotlights for track. Quinta uses the standard mounting rings of ERCO’s recessed luminaires, and can therefore be universally combined and exchanged without tools. The interchangeable low brightness lenses are compatible with those from the Eclipse and Uniscan spotlight ranges. This guarantees maximum quality of light with the greatest possible flexibility. In this way, ceiling-integrated general lighting, accent lighting and wallwashing can be elegantly and consistently implemented, for example to illuminate a sculpture in the lobby from the ceiling or tables in the café, to highlight an information counter in the room or to completely uniformly flood a wall surface.  

System diversity – because not all light is the same 

Quinta stands out from other recessed spotlights in the ERCO range due to the magical appearance of the clear low brightness lens as the light emission surface. The new luminaire shares this special LED lighting technology with the Eclipse and Uniscan spotlight series for track. Its central plus point: thanks to an optical cut-off of up to 40° it features particularly high visual comfort and glare-free light enjoyment. 

The precise light distributions of the lens optics ensure pinpoint accentuation and vivid, three-dimensional shadows with no spill light. The distributions include rotationally symmetric characteristics from a 6° narrow spot to an 80° extra wide flood as well as oval flood (approx. 20° x 60°), oval wide flood (approx. 60° x 80°) and wallwash. As with the track spotlights with low brightness lenses, the Quinta optics and thus the distributions (starting with spot) can be exchanged without tools. Using suitable accessories, the lighting effect in the application can be additionally modified: for example, modifying the color temperature with filters or further increasing visual comfort with snoots and honeycomb louvers. This makes Quinta an exceptionally adaptive recessed spotlight that can be individually adjusted to the spatial situation, lighting concept and visual task. 

Simply combine – or modernize 

Quinta’s compact low brightness optics are mounted in the recessed housing to rotate through 360° and tilt through 30° for simple and precise alignment of the light beam. With four sizes from diameter 4 7/16″ (113mm), Quinta offers wattages from 2W / 272lm to 30,3W / 4035lm and is thus suitable for room heights from 10ft (3m) to 26ft (8m). The mounting rings in sizes 3, 4, 5 and 8 are taken from ERCO’s proven Quintessence and Atrium downlight ranges. This means that in addition to the standard covered mounting ring, flush installation solutions are also possible. Quinta is not only the perfect companion to these downlights in appearance, but can also supplement or replace them. This facilitates short-term replanning in current projects as well as lighting refurbishments in existing buildings: corresponding recessed spotlights with conventional lamps can simply be replaced with Quinta. The low brightness optics contribute to a clear, minimalist ceiling appearance, as does the minimalist design of the visible housing components themselves. These are available in the standard colors black and white, and also in 10,000 further colors via the ERCO individual service to optimally match the luminaires to their surroundings. 

Quinta also fits seamlessly into the ERCO lighting ecosystem in other aspects such as color temperature selection or connectivity, making the new recessed spotlights extremely flexible and reliable team players. The light colors from 2700K to 4000K available from launching will be supplemented by a tunable white version in the coming year. The separate control gear is wirelessly controllable via Casambi Bluetooth and is available dimmable via 0-10V. In terms of sustainability, Quinta is aligned to the “ERCO Greenology” concept: the efficient lens system without spill light does not waste the light but projects it effectively onto the target surface, and the heat sink is made of 100% recycled aluminum.  

The magic of good lighting: discover Quinta and the ERCO Darklight technology: