Unpacking DALI+ at Light + Building

by | Mar 8, 2024 | News

Picture of DALI Awards

At Light + Building Paul Drosihn, the general manager of the DALI Alliance, stopped by our studio for an interview.  In our discussion, Paul shared exciting updates from the DALI Alliance, particularly from Hall 8, where numerous members showcased their innovations.

A highlight of the conversation was the unveiling of the certification for the DALI+ program, DALI’s foray into wireless technology. This new certification has sparked significant interest, indicating a strong start for DALI+ at the trade show. The DALI Alliance, which has seen its membership swell to around 390 from 170 five years ago, demonstrates the growing influence and adoption of DALI standards globally.

DALI+, as Paul explained, offers the flexibility of wireless connectivity while maintaining the robustness and reliability DALI is known for. It integrates IP-based and Ethernet connectivity, broadening the scope and usability of DALI in various applications. This innovation underscores the industry’s move towards more adaptable and user-centric lighting solutions.

In addition, Paul touched on the DALI Awards, recognizing projects worldwide that effectively implement DALI in their designs, enhancing their environments and demonstrating the technology’s scalability and versatility. One standout project mentioned was an airport in the UAE, showcasing DALI’s scalability with an extensive deployment of lighting controls.