Modern Forms Wows with new LED Luminaires at Summer Lightovation in Dallas

by | Jun 28, 2024 | News

new LED Luminaires

DALLAS— Elevate luxury with the latest new LED Luminaires from Modern Forms which were recently released at 2024 Summer Lightovation. See the latest designs… 

  • Clique offers a glorious glow. Gentle contours composed of natural Spanish Alabaster radiate striking patterned luminescence. Accented by gleaming trim and suspended by slender wires, this pendant seamlessly floats in midair. 

  • Synopsis features an Entangled lighting design. Spiraling around its wavy axis, this luminaire is an artful sculpture by day and a soft light source at night. 

new LED Luminaires

  • Timelessly tasteful, Entice is designed with cylinders of natural Spanish Alabaster and gleaming metallic collars ornament a silica strand, creating a gemlike presence.

new LED Luminaires

About Modern Forms 

Modern Forms starts every concept where the future begins. All-LED luminaires and smart fans seize upon the most cutting-edge technology and design trends to illuminate and refresh your home, workplace, hotel or restaurant for years. No matter how big or small, each piece is designed to simplify your life and elevate your everyday experience. 

The Modern Forms aesthetic is distinctly minimalist, with subtle influences of Scandinavia and Mid-Century design—a sophisticated perspective that never goes out of style. Luxury materials can be described in two ways—how they look and how they last. Across the luminaire and smart fan collections, you’ll see a host of upscale materials— Spanish Alabaster, Natural Wood, Black Marble, sparkling seeded crystal painstakingly cut by expert craftsmen, artisanal Piastra glass, and more. For more information, visit www.modernforms