London Alights with IALD Conference

by | Jul 1, 2024 | News

IALD President Andrea Hartranft. Photography credit: Tom Lee Photography

IALD Celebrates Highly Successful Conference

IALD celebrates a highly successful conference drawing over 350 lighting design professionals from all industry strata.

Glenn Shrum Speaks about Pioneers of Lighting Design

Glenn Shrum Speaks about Pioneers of Lighting Design; Photography credit: Tom Lee Photography

Specifiers, manufacturers, educators, students, and researchers from over forty countries spent two days immersed in educational seminars, roundtable discussions, peer networking, and social receptions.

Lighting Cross Talk

The XAL table at Lighting Cross Talk. Photography Credit: Tom Lee Photography

Over thirty professional development sessions were integrated into the schedule, allowing attendees to choose from various lighting design subjects from creative, technical, and ethical perspectives.

Carla Jardim speaks at IALD Enlighten Europe 2024

Carla Jardim speaks about light and dark skin tones throughout history and how they have been interpreted in different times and fields. Photography credit: Tom Lee Photography

A dominant theme during the conference was the relationship between lighting and the world it illuminates. From sustainability and respect for the environment to social matters of light poverty, representation, and inclusion to light’s physical and psychological impact on humanity, the depth and breadth of content spurred intense conversation among all in attendance.

Reflections from IALD President Andrea Hartranft

IALD President and design firm principal Andrea Hartranft, FIALD, reflected on the conference with thanks and hope.

She said: “Seeing the energy this community demonstrates and its eagerness to continually progress the industry in practice, creativity, and ethics is genuinely extraordinary.

“So many different voices come together in these Enlighten conferences, and the exchange of ideas and perspectives is always positive. Particularly for a diverse European audience, opportunities like this to meet face-to-face and participate in such important conversations are invaluable. Nothing compares to being in a room or across the table from any number of peers from as many countries, hearing everyone’s opinions on globally relevant but regionally impactful issues.”

Dean Skira Asks a Question at IALD Enlighten Europe

Dean Skira asks a question. Photography credit: Tom Lee Photography

Looking Forward: IALD Enlighten Americas 2024

Next in the Enlighten conference series will be IALD Enlighten Americas 2024, from 17 to 19 October in San Diego, California. Information regarding the schedule, sessions, speakers, and venue for that event is on the IALD website.

Collin Ball at IALD Enlighten Europe

Collin Ball Speaks about the importance of 550 nanometers as the wavelike for peak sensitivity.

Katie Czub, Senior Association of FMS Lighting Design

Katie Czub, Senior Association of FMS Lighting Design, speaks at IALD Enlighten Europe 2024 in London

Paula Martinez-Nobles of FMS Lighting Design, is the only person known to have attended both the IESNYC Lumen Gala and IALD Enlighten Europe. She mentioned that after the gala, she Uber’d to Newark, took an overnight flight, to arrive at the conference by noon on Friday in plenty of time to watch her colleague, Katie Czub, speak.

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