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 Year Award Type Specific Award Company/Designer Project Website/URL
2012Architectural LightingCommendable Achievement - Whole BuildingHLB Lighting DesignThe Tenley-Friendship Library
2011Architectural LightingSpecial CitationHLB Lighting DesignAnacostia Neighborhood Library
2009Architectural LightingSpecial Citation for an AuditoriumHLB Lighting DesignPeltz Theater Museum of Tolerance
2014Architectural LightingCommendable Achievement - Exterior LightingHLB Lighting DesignLAX Central Terminal Area Curbside Enhancement
2009Architectural LightingSpecial Citation for Public/Private PartnershipVitettaAvenue of the Arts
2009Architectural LightingSpecial Citation for the Clever Repurposing of LightingLighting Design AllianceS-Bar
2009Architectural LightingSpecial Citation for Achievement in Exhibition LightingGeorge Sexton AssociatesStar Spangled Banner Exhibit
2009Architectural LightingCommendable Achievement - Exterior LightingL'Observatoire InternationalNewtown Creek Wastewater Treatment Plant
2009Architectural LightingCommendable Achievement - Interior LightingGeorge Sexton AssociatesLumen United Reform Church and Community Center
2009Architectural LightingCommendable Achievement - Exterior LightingCline Bettridge Bernstein Lighting DesignTerminus 100
 Year Award Type Specific Award Company/Designer Project Website/URL